3D Matrix for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

3D Matrix 1.5 2004 for Windows (26 MB)
To install 3D Matrix for Windows, download the ZIP file above. After opening the ZIP file execute 3DMatrixForWindows.exe to begin the Windows installation process.

3D Matrix for Mac OS X

To install 3D Matrix for Mac OS X, download 3DMatrixForMacOSX.zip, open the archive and click on 3dmatrix.jar to load the application.

Some distributions of Java will only provide 64MB of RAM to applications which is not enough to run 3D Matrix. If you experience a problem running 3D Matrix, it will most likely an 'out of memory' error and this can be solved by running 3D Matrix through the shell command window and specifying more memory as a parameter. Start the Mac OS X unix shell and use 'cd' commands to move to the directory where 3D Matrix is installed and then type 'java -jar -Xmx200m 3dmatrix.jar' to start 3D Matrix.

3D Matrix for Irix Silicon Graphics, Linux, HP-UX and Solaris.

First download 3DMatrixForJava.zip and then execute 3dmatrix.jar. If this file is not executable then you will need to install the Java Runtime Environment.