Download 3DMatrix Light Edition and discover how easily and enjoyably 3D graphics can be produced.

3DMatrix Lite Edition includes all features of 3DMatrix Standard Edition provided your model does not require more than 8,000 (non-mirrored) polygons.

Minimum system requirement

o Windows98/NT/2000, MAC OS X, Iris Silicon Graphics or Solaris
o Machine speed at least 300MHz and having 256 MB or more RAM

Download 3DMatrix Lite Edition


o Optimized for you to work quickly with three-point polygons
o Component oriented design including mirroring (can be any matrix transformation, not only translations, rotations etc.)
o Instantly produce useful geometric models using the Geometry window
o Built-in mathematics language allows arbitrary surfaces and models to be produced
o Original paradigm for adding and manipulating polygons and vertexes
o Import and export between formats including AutoCAD DXF
o Rendering code optionally available so your application can produce identical results
o Translation commands that act upon individual vertices, polygon groups or mirror matrixes
o Alpha channel support within polygons
o Select polygons directly from the rendered perspective view
o Useful tool-box includes polygon reduction and surface relaxing
o Highly customizable environment. Use Ctrl-1, Ctr-2, etc, to flick between screen setups