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Stopping and Starting MySQL under Windows - MySQL is designed to run in the background without ever stopping. To stop one version of MySQL and start another, use the DOS command 'net'.
What Is Shininess? Julian Cochran describes the best way to add reflective surfaces to your real-time polygon scene.
Loading URLs - Sun Microsystems made HTTP document scanning a walk in the park, as discussed in this follow-up to the Developing a Fast Search Engine feature.
Client Side Database - JCDatabase is a new simple RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) that can be used by developers to add client side or server side databases within your pure Java application without requiring the use of drivers.
Developing a Fast Search Engine - Take on Lycos, AltaVista and Google with this technical article about how to create a fast search engine. You don't even need any venture capital to do it.
Creating a Secure Online Data Repository - Suggestions for building file access security into your web application without those ugly username and password dialogue boxes appearing.
A Movable Workplace - This feature reflects one vision of Web Services and some things you should consider when investing in the development of online software.
Making of a Game - In the making of D-Zone II author Julian Cochran discusses the basics of collision detection and some tips to help you get through a large game project on your own.
Extreme Brightness - Computer games and films suffer from not being able to represent brightness properly. D-Zone II author Julian Cochran discusses approaches to tackle this problem.