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This Privacy document is our way of letting you know how we collect information, what we collect it for and some of options that are available to you.

Your private information will be regarded with the utmost respect. We are a small but globally oriented company with customers in Australia, USA and Japan and have developed global information practices to assure that your personal data is appropriately protected. Our data center is in Melbourne, Australia, and this is a highly protected and secure environment with respect to natural disasters and human intrusion. We will also transfer information provided by customers to the appropriate DigitalScores consultant to provide the necessary service or information requested by the customer.

DigitalScores collects data from users in three ways; (1) online forms; (2) in the process of online purchases; (3) in e-mails sent to DigitalScores from users and (4) automatically through the use of cookies.

The information collected from cookies is used to track maintain where you are in within the website and what security privileges you have and consequently which parts of the DigitalScores website you are permitted to visit. Cookies on the site collect a unique identifier and if you have an account with DigitalScores then your information is retreived from the database.

While we don't offer the option to disable cookies within the website you can control your cookies using your Browser settings. For example, you can set your Web browser to alert you when a cookie is being used, get information about the life-span of the cookie or see which server your information is being returned to. You can then accept or reject the cookie.

You may opt to set your browser to refuse all cookies and many services and functions of the website will be available. To learn more about cookies and their relation to browsers please search for "cookies" using the help section of your browser.

We may also embed scripts within some pages to determine unique user visits rather than simply recording the total number of page loads. This method requires cookies and may provide us with personally identifiable information about site use by registered users of This information however is used solely to evaluate the relative levels of interest between different pages of site content. If used in e-mails, this method is used to determine if the email was opened and the purpose is to improve our quality of service.